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More than 30 organizations worked in the Disability and Human Rights commission of the FMDH23

The International Center for the Promotion of Human Rights (CIPDH-UNESCO) guaranteed that among the selection of postulated thematic commissions, one dedicated to the axis of Disability and Human Rights would be established.
The CIPDH-UNESCO is the body that coordinates the assembly and development of the III World Forum on Human Rights (FMDH23) leading the National Executive Secretariat, executive unit of the Forum and whose main objective is to carry out the actions to implement it.

The FMDH23 Commission on Disability and Human Rights brought together more than 30 organizations, including public bodies, human rights organizations, academic institutions, specific organizations that defend the rights of people with disabilities, and civil society organizations.

For months he carried out his work in the search to achieve an important contribution to raising awareness on this issue in the Forum and to have a greater reach among citizens for full inclusion and respect for their fundamental rights. A record of one of the thematic committee meetings can be accessed here.

In turn, in all the thematic commissions that worked for the FMDH23, priority was given to granting transversality to this axis and an intersectional approach was also sought, as was made visible, for example, between the themes of gender and disability.

An additional important fact is that the commission and the Forum in general acquired a federal character, which could be observed in the participation of universities and organizations from different provinces of the country in the work of the commissions and in the activity of the Pre Forums carried out.

Regarding the activities scheduled specifically for the five days of activities of the FMDH23, the participation of prestigious international references on this subject stands out, such as Dr. Satendra Singh, from India, fighter for the rights of doctors with disabilities, Geovanni Melendres, director of the Institute for the Deaf of Colombia, and Martin Nieves, Secretary of Disability of the City of Montevideo, Uruguay.