You are currently viewing Registration to participate in the III World Forum on Human Rights is still open

Registration to participate in the III World Forum on Human Rights is still open

You can still be part of the largest meeting of human rights activists in the world, which from March 20 to 24 will take place simultaneously in four venues in the City of Buenos Aires.

Shortly after the start of the third edition of the III World Forum on Human Rights (FMDH23), registration is still open to the general public to attend the various conferences, debates and special activities scheduled within the framework of the meeting.

It is a unique opportunity to share an experience that for the first time will have our country as the venue. The FMDH23 is designed as a space for exchange in the search and construction of alternatives for a more just and equal world for all people.

During four days, human rights, social, academic and leading organizations from all continents will present and debate the main advances and challenges in terms of discrimination, environmentalism, gender, access to justice, human trafficking and many more topics.

In turn, the event will host various cultural and artistic activities that will be proposed and carried out by the human rights organizations that are already participating in the Organizing Committee.

The meeting will take place in four simultaneous venues: Memory Space and Human Rights -Memory Space ex ESMA, the Kirchner Cultural Center, the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires .

The most outstanding activities will be broadcast on the FMDH23 YouTube channel, with the aim of facilitating access to content from anywhere on the planet.

On the other hand, the news and day-to-day activities of the sessions can be followed through the Forum’s social networks (@fmdh23) and the National Human Rights Secretariat (@SDHArgentina), as well as from this institutional website of the FMDH23.