The principles and values that are presented and stipulated herein must be respected by all individuals and organizations that wish to participate in the FMDH23. 

Thus, the intention is to ensure its reinforcement as a public space for the gathering and promotion of Human Rights in a context of dialogue, agreement and respect for the fundamental values that give meaning to its existence.

The World Forum on Human Rights is a public space for debate on Human Rights in the world, the main progress and challenges focused on respect for differences, social participation and the reduction of inequalities, promoting equity and social inclusion. It is designed to bring together and integrate national, regional and international organizations committed to the observance of Human Rights.

For this reason, all individuals and agencies or organizations participating in the FMDH23 are committed to

  1. Be guided within the paradigm based on the unrestricted respect for International Human Rights Legislation.

  2. Promote knowledge and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030.

  3. Strengthen true and participative democratic practice, equal, supportive and peaceful relationships between diverse groups, ethnicities, genders and peoples, condemning any form of domination or oppression of one human being over another.

  4. Continue deepening the dialogue, updating the diagnosis on the main progress and challenges regarding the promotion and protection of worldwide Human Rights; to exchange successful experiences and innovative proposals and to promote the sharing of knowledge and horizontal cooperation among participants at national, regional and international levels. To generate a meeting point for international, regional and national human rights organizations, social movements and civil society organizations, international agencies and organizations, different governmental bodies (federal, state and municipal), national, state and municipal justice, national, state and municipal legislative powers.

  5. Consolidate the complete enforcement of the defense of Human Rights and the respect for human dignity in a context of sustainable peace and non-aggression towards environment and nature. Promote and deepen democratic systems and distributive and equitable political-economic models through the promotion of international and regional cooperation for the consolidation of Human Rights.

  6. Generate a plural space for analysis and action, for organizations and movements that wish to participate, as well as open to diversities: gender, age, ethnicity, culture, generations and physical capacities, among others.

  7. Propose the analysis and debate of ideas, to elaborate specific proposals, as well as to establish a free sharing and coordination of experiences and effective actions by the different participating organizations that strengthen the brotherly bond of the peoples. In this way, it is proposed as a constructor in search of a global society aimed at a productive relationship among human beings. Always following the motto of the 2030 Agenda of “leaving no one behind”.

  8. Mobilize the process of protection and promotion of Human Rights on a global scale. All events held will therefore have an international scope and purpose.

  9. The FMDH23 will not allow speech or expressions of hate or activities that are discriminative, racist, sexist, totalitarian and/or harmful to the environment and nature.

The third edition of the FMDH23, as well as its Pre-Forums and related activities, and in continuity with past editions, are understood as a permanent process of search and construction of alternatives and with a view to building perspectives and spaces for debate and deepening for a more just and egalitarian world for all.

Approved and adopted in Buenos Aires City, on July 22, 2022, by the Executive Secretariat of the FMDH23.