Suggest an activity

All interested individuals, social movements, universities, civil society and governmental organizations worldwide can submit proposals for activities, presentations or contributions to be developed during the Forum.

They must complete the form where they will have to specify who is applying: a person or an organization or more than one organization, a brief summary, including links with additional information, the activity (see types of activities below the form), its length, among other items. In addition, they must include one of the forum’s themes.

They must also accept the Statement of Principles of the III World Forum on Human Rights.

The National Organizing Committee and the National Executive Secretariat of the FMDH23 will evaluate the applications and organize the roundtables and panels of activities, presentations and contributions.

Application period: until 11/15/2022

Communication of the selected activities: from 12/10/2022

Communication of the composition of the roundtables and panels: 2/15/2023


Types of activities

Panel of knowledge and experiences: Aimed mainly at social organizations, human rights organizations or activists in general to discuss and exchange good practices.

Academic panel: To discuss ideas around one or more academic papers; intended mainly for people who are engaged in research or teaching in the academic field.

Panel on public policies: Aimed mainly at officials and officials, state agencies or international organizations, to discuss public problems, possible solutions and exchange experiences and good practices of public policies with a human rights approach.

Audiovisual presentation: Actions of any kind (art shows, interventions, photographic sequences, films, etc.) in audiovisual/video format, for physical screening at FMDH conferences.

Presentation of a poster: A gigantography or large poster that seeks to have an impact on the promotion of human rights to be presented physically at the FMDH sessions.

Artistic or cultural activity: Proposal for an artistic or cultural action that does not fit into the previously mentioned categories (for example: musical show, performance/parade, theatrical work, dance, fiction, sculpture, drawing, etc.).