You are currently viewing The “Road to the III World Forum on Human Rights, with an Indigenous Perspective and Participation” was carried out.
Camino hacia el III Foro Mundial de Derechos Humanos, con Perspectiva y Participación Indígena

The “Road to the III World Forum on Human Rights, with an Indigenous Perspective and Participation” was carried out.

On February 27 and 28, at the facilities of the Faculty of Philosophy of the National University of Córdoba, more than 30 leaders of indigenous peoples and a hundred people belonging to communities from different provinces met with the purpose of agreeing on proposals for present at the FMDH23.

Based on a debate and exchange of ideas, it was resolved by consensus to prepare a manifesto that contains the main axes of the issues addressed in the different panels and in the Indigenous Assembly to be included in the agenda of the World Forum that will be held between March 20 and 24 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.  

At the opening of the event, a ceremony was held with the hosts -indigenous communities of Córdoba-, and emotional tributes and recognition to the Grandmother of Plaza de Mayo Sonia Torres and the communicator and researcher Juan Chico, permanently highlighting the urgent need to make visible the perspective of the human rights of indigenous peoples.

The panels and workshops that were formed and that were the core of in-depth analysis and contributions of perspectives were: Memory, Rights, Restitution; Health and Environment; Intercultural Education, Communication with Indigenous Identity, perspective and participation, and Indigenous Youth. 

The conclusions ratified the objective of setting a common agenda respecting the particularities of each territory and the indigenous perspective to strengthen justice, consolidate and expand rights and work on inequalities.

The Meeting -which had participants and representatives from the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Entre Ríos, Misiones, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba, San Juan, Chaco, La Pampa and Río Negro- also included the creation of a collective mural and a mini recital of “Seuer Montec” and “Misión Camila”, musical duos of recognized trajectory belonging to the Charrúa people of the province of Entre Ríos. 

Finally, the commitment to work and close the manifesto that will be exposed at the III World Forum on Human Rights with the contribution of the members of the indigenous peoples was ratified.