The World Forum on Human Rights is a public space for debate on Human Rights in the world, the main progress and challenges focused on respect for the differences, social participation, the reduction of inequalities, the promotion of equity and social inclusion. Its objective is to bring together and integrate national, regional and international organizations committed to the observance of human rights.

The Forum, in its third edition, aims to further deepen the dialogue, updating the diagnosis about the main advances and challenges in the promotion and protection of human rights in the world; share successful experiences, innovative proposals and promote the exchange of knowledge and horizontal cooperation among participants at national, regional and international levels. It will also provide a unique space to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Forum had its first edition in 2013, in Brazil, with the participation of 74 countries and more than 700 institutions. There were 369 thematic activities and 127 cultural programs, among other actions. In 2014, the forum was held in Morocco and received representatives from 95 countries and the participation of more than 750 organizations.

What does the 3rd World Forum on Human Rights consist of?

The Forum will hold plenary sessions, debates and keynote lectures with national and international specialists on the topics of the human rights agenda.

On the other hand, the Forum will mainly include activities carried out entirely by social movements, civil society, international, governmental, academic, research and related organizations, among others, for joint reflection, exchange of experiences, articulation, networking and formation of networks and movements.

The event will also include a rich cultural agenda, with film, theater, literature, dance, music, plastic arts, solidarity economy fairs and radio and television programs.

Who can participate?

All interested individuals, social movements and institutions, civil society organizations, international organizations, federal, state and municipal governments, national, state and municipal justice, national, state and municipal legislative powers, academic, research and related institutions, among others.

Date: March 20 to 24, 2023

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina